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Mobile Trinity

In Part 1, the artist integrates Spiritual Meditation into Art
In Part 2, he integrates Taste with Art
In Part 3, he combines Technology with Art


Trans-Art Part 3 "Mobile Art: Trans-Renaissance" is an art project proposal to actualize and expand on the ‘Enlightening Art of Universal Trinity - the expression of collective sentiment on a global scale: a project which audiences can participate in creating art (the colors and shapes of the 'lights of Universal Trinity') by using a smart phone applications.

The Mobile Art


It is Mobile in 2 senses:

Firstly, the art can be created by using mobile technology such as a smart-phone application.

Secondly, the art is literally mobile - movable from one place to another, to wherever the installation art is required.




"Trans-Renaissance" is installation art: the global art project proposal and actual application of the ‘Enlightening of Universal Trinity’ in which the audiences can participate in creating lights of the Trinity on a global scale.


Part 3-1: the demonstration of the mobile art in many parts of Seoul, Korea, at a basic level and before the smart-phone participation.


Part 3-2: the actual application of mobile-art in various parts of Korea.


Part 3-3: the practice of mobile-art at a global scale.

Trans-Art Part 3: "The Era of Trans-Renaissance: Good Evening Mr. Huxley- We're Transcending Dystopia".


In respect of the Video Artist Paik's "Good morning Mr. Orwell", the Trans-Artist proposes "Good Evening Mr. Huxley- We are Transcending Dystopia." Participants all over the globe, can take part in creating the lights of Universal Trinity (the non-religious/non-political/non-ideological symbol of unification) representing the ‘collective sentiment.


An audience can take part in creating color and formation(shape) of the light of Universal Trinity by using a smart phone application; the relevant issue (a non-political humanitarian issue that needs a global attention for the universal resolution) will be notified through the smart phone app. A participant can be a collective creative artist of global alliance showing their collective sentiment and their hope for the issue - beyond ideology, politics and religion, as well as race and nationality, through the lights of Universal Trinity.


By participating in the creation of art which expresses the ‘collective sentiment of global participants’, we can express our ‘mature human sentiments towards each other as a whole’. We attempt to overcome suffering, apathy, confrontations and any other humanitarian obstacles by uniting through the Mobile Art.

The simulations of enlightening the ‘Art of Universal Trinity', with 15 years of undisclosed practice in Hanol temple, Gangwha Island.




+ The Trans-Artist is looking for a global partner from any domain to cooperate and realize Trans-Art project Part 3 for mutual beneficence. Please Contact.

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